Handicap Stall 3/16/18

Sorry loyal readers, my BM came a tad later than expected today, but we still have a full day of March Madness games to bet on here. As I type, it looks like Providence outright won’t come through, and I’m guessing the gentleman in the stall next to me picked PC too, because he’s now grunted twice unlike any human being I’ve ever heard before.

But enough of that, let’s get to the games.


New Mexico St outright

– Ride the hot mascot. Texas A&M just won and their mascot are the Aggies, so why not?

Butler Arkansas under 153

– Scottie Pippen played for Arkansas and played great defense. I feel like Butler has a history of being defensive and annoying. So look out for a 65-63 final.

West Virginia -10

– Teams that have to play WVU in the first weekend are fucked. Your excited to even make the tourney, then have to play 40 minutes against a full court defense. Little schools can’t handle it.

Auburn -9.5

– Alabama crushing Auburn was an effort to get more SEC teams into the tourney. 68% of public money is on CofC so fade the public here.

UNC Lipscomb under 165.5

– I actually don’t remember picking this game and don’t love this pick.

Have a Friday everyone.