NCAA President Mark Emmert Assures Player Safety is “Top Priority” Announcing Fall Sports Will Be Played While Standing on a Pile of Money

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA’s Sport Science Institute, an NCAA entity that we can only assume was created earlier this week as some sort of tax-evading money-laundering operation, detailed its coronavirus guidelines on Friday morning in an effort to help schools figure out how they can safely conduct athletic events this fall. These “best practices” notably […]


Drew Neitzel Files for 16th Year of Eligibility Following NCAA’s Ruling to Allow Extra Year of Eligibility to Athletes Impacted by COVID-19

GRAND RAPIDS — The NCAA voted on Monday March, 30th to allow an extra year of eligibility for student athletes who were impacted by or had their season cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the class of 2020 and fans too invested in college athletics because there’s nothing else going on in their […]