Let’s Talk About “Focus(ing) on one game at a time.”

Sorry this post took me so long to get up, I just finished icing my thumb which got super bruised after how quickly I clicked on threejay03s most recent post about the Browns coach’s proclivity for termination after playing the Steelers.

95% of it I loved. It had everything – real sports analysis, a Trey Wingo tweet, the word “downtrodden” – really everything you could hope for in a threejay03 blog. I laughed, I cried, I thought about how I was going to lie about laughing and crying when I wrote my rebuttal blog that no one asked for. Just really Grade A stuff from the second best blogger here.

One sentence really stood out to me.

“If they focus on one game at a time and win these next three weeks, they will sit at 6-6 with 2 games against Cincinnati, at Arizona, and vs Baltimore to end the year.”

Let’s go to the tape:

  • “If they focus on one game at a time

Great, great, great start. Phenomenal way to approach a 3-6 season. Winning 7 games straight sounds so hard to do, some would even say impossible. Going 1-0 week 11 however? Half the teams playing are gonna do that! Why not us? Great start TJ. I really think the Browns could do that.

  • And win these next three weeks

Woah woah woah woah woah. What happened to taking this one week at a time? We never even talked about two weeks at a time! In one independent clause we jumped from one week at a time to three weeks at at time. Really feels like we’re no longer taking it one week at a time.

  • They will sit at 6-6

Ok you may have won me back here. We’re just talking about getting to .500. Easy, digestible goal.

  • with 2 games against Cincinnati, at Arizona, and vs Baltimore to end the year.

Here’s the thing @threejay03, I get what you’re trying to do. We’re looking at the remaining season and seeing what really is 5 winnable games. You take both games against Mason Rudolph and you might end up with a winning season. That’s fine. But say that. Don’t tell me we’re taking this one week at a time then look at literally every single other game this season.

If you want me to come back to blogging on this site I need honesty from you. If you say we’re taking this one week at a time, let’s take this one week at a time.

Now if you need me I’ll be thinking about sunny Los Angeles on a Sunday night and literally nothing else. Not thinking about the Packers, not thinking about the Vikings, not thinking about NYG, @DET, DAL, @GB, KC, or @MIN. Not thinking about those at all. Just week 11. When I say one week at a time I mean it. Stand for something.



At 1:35am Tonight, the USA Men’s Curling Team Will Make History

Well, this is it folks. Tonight at 1:35am, as some bars begin turning the lights on for last call, Team Shuster and the US Men’s Curling team will take the ice for the last time in these 2018 Olympic Games. This time, though, they play for a chance to go home Olympic Champions for the first time in US history.

I know, I know, we in the states are decidedly the best at pretty much every athletic spectacle worth caring about in the world. But in the bizarre, cult-esque world of Curling, we’re typically an after thought. We’re competitive, sure, but never really close to being the best. What Northwestern is to B1G football, we are to the men’s curling circuit.

In fact, these Olympics were shaping up to be a lot like our last two showings. We were in every game, but always had that one bad end where we let an opponent steal a few too many points. After conceding to Japan and then losing to Norway to fall to 2-4 in Round Robin play, hopes of a podium spot seemed pretty much shot.

Instead, the unthinkable happened. This team rattled of five straight victories to finish 5-4 with the 3 seed in the playoff bracket, including wins over Canada and Great Britain. Shuster was leading this team in a way I hadn’t before seen in the Olympics, and this team was playing like they had nothing to lose.

To make the semifinals seemed like an accomplishment in of itself. I didn’t think we had a prayer of beating the Canadians, three time defending gold medalists, twice in the same week. I mentally prepped myself for the bronze medal match that would take place Friday morning. But again, Team Shuster proved me wrong. A big 2 point steal in the 8th end with a solid hammer throw in the tenth clinched a 5-3 victory over Canada that left me wondering, “what did I just watch?”

So tonight, come 1:35, this group of men will do something that no US Men’s Curling Team before them has done – play for an Olympic gold medal. I implore everyone to make it their civic duty to yell at their bartender and make sure this match is on every TV in the establishment. Gather your friends, buy a bunch of Rolling Rocks for the sake of the pun, and watch this group of beauties stomp all over the Curling world. If the Cubs and Astros can win the World Series, if the Eagles can win the Super Bowl, if Kirk Cousins could become the highest paid player in NFL history, then truely anything is possible.

Why. Not. Us?

NBCSports 1:35am. See you all on Twitter. @threejay03