NLCS Game 1: Some Dude Vs. Jose Quintana

So as of 11:00 AM Central Time, it looks like we’re going with Jose Quintana to start game one of the NLCS. I’m conflicted. I’m sure some of the takes are “Lackey is a battle tested post season pitcher who knows how to win the big game,” but to be honest, that’s not at all where my minds at. This is where my mind’s at:

John Lackey.png
“I said dressing on the side!”

For a lack of a better word, dude kinda sucks. Not at baseball obviously, but he’s just kind of a dick. That’s the guy I want taking the mound for me in 8 short hours. The 15 year vet with three rings who is being told he’s not good enough to start a game in the postseason. I can 100% imagine John in his hotel room staring at himself in the mirror quietly saying “oh I’m not starting this post season Joe? Is that right?” while slowing thumbing the sharp blade of a steel knife, not because he’d ever do anything with it, but just because he wants to know what the pain would feel like as he finally opened himself up to the world where he can literally drink the blood of his doubters. To be honest I haven’t looked at match-ups at all (clearly, that’s not what we do here), there’s a good chance Q makes way more sense. Hell, there’s a good chance Q pitches far, far better than Lackey. But if you want to galvanize a team right now, a team that has needed two starters twice so far this post season, I want to see Crazy Joe Davola staring down Chris Taylor when the Dodgers come up to bat in the bottom of the first.

Either way, in Joe we trust (unless Happ continues to ride the bench while Jason Heyward to record 5 outs in 4 at bats). We’re not in our 3rd straight NLCS after making 3 in 50 years for nothing. Cubs in 7.


P.S. Clayton Kershaw? More like, Clayton “we’re worse off” when he pitches in a postseason game