What are the Ethical Implications of Ordering Soup on Uber Eats?

I’m about to order some soup on Uber Eats, and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. Typically my delivery meals don’t send me into an ethical quandary, and yet here I am on a Tuesday night. Here’s where I’m at:

1.) Is soup a normal thing to get delivered to you? Will the Uber driver or the restaurant think less of me? Soup has to be possibly the easiest dinner to make by yourself. I’ll guarantee the chef and driver are both thinking, “what kind of person would pay a premium to get a hot broth delivered to them?”

2.) I’m putting the uber eats driver’s life in serious jeopardy. Soup is only delicious when hot. As soon as you dip into the warm – room temperature realm, soup begins to lose its allure.  So, that means the uber driver not only has to deliver my piping hot soup, but he has to do it quickly. He will have to go at least an average of five miles per hour over the speed limit to deliver this soup at an acceptable temperature.

Not only that, but it’s raining! This guy’s gonna have to scream through the streets of Baltimore on wet streets all because I wasn’t willing to make my own soup! What if he hydroplanes en route and kills not only himself, but a group of pedestrians who just finished their double date or happen to be walking their dog at the wrong time? Or worse yet, what if the soup spills all over this guy’s car and ruins his interior?? Would I have to pay for detailing?!

3.) If the soup burns this guy, who’s at fault? I imagine the restaurant puts a “warning, contents of this container are hot” label on their bowls, so they wouldn’t be negligent. But allow me to reference Liebeck vs McDonald’s. A New Mexico jury awarded Ms. Liebeck over $2 million dollars because she suffered third degree burns from McDonald’s coffee. If the precedent from this case remains constant, then this restaurant would be at fault.

Or, would the fault be mine since I was the one who ordered the soup? The uber driver wouldn’t be going to pick up soup if it weren’t for my order, so do they have a case against me? Or does this fall within their job responsibilities? Does uber eats offer worker’s comp for injuries sustained on the job?

I think there honestly might be too much at stake to order this soup. The stress of the limitless possibilities that could happen between point a and b are too great. Plus, if I had ordered the soup instead of writing this blog, the soup would have already arrived by now. I guess I’ll just eat cereal? Damn.

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